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How to switch the website language to your own?

1.Create account.

2.Click Preferences.

3.Find language options, choose your language.


How to create a new page?

1. In the search box, input the title of the page such as Zhineng Qigong, and then click the search icon on the right.

2.If the page exists, you will open it derectly, if the page doesn't exist, you will find a sentence "Create the page "Zhineng Qigong" on this wiki!", just click Zhineng Qigong, it will guide you to creat a new page.

Can visitors create pages?

Guest creation is currently supported.

How to name a new page?

In the page name, the space, upper and lower case letters will cause diferent urls, for example, the page Zhineng Qigong url is .../Zhineng_Qigong, the page ZhinengQigong url is .../ZhinengQigong, the page Zhineng qigong url is .../Zhineng_qigong, but for the first letter of the name, whatever it is upper or lower, in the url always appear upper letter.

How to add category to a page?

Please go to any page with category, click Edit or View source, refer to the code at the bottom and display effect.

You can add some different categories.

How to insert a picture into a page?

1.Click "Upload file" on the left.

2.Choose a picture, the maximum size is1M.

3.Upload file.

4.In editing page,click picture icon,input file name and caption,choose size,align,format.


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How to control page directory?

Please go to this page: How to control page directory, enter "Edit or View source"

How to modify the page title?

Administrators can use the replace text feature to modify content in articles and titles. You can contact us, and we will help you to modify it. Please let us know:

1. Whether the original title in the article is modified together.

2. Whether the original title is retained. If it is, the content will be displayed as redirected to the new page.

What to do if the title of the page is the same?

You can edit the page and set up a new directory.

Can uploaded pictures also be classified?

Through the classification of uploaded pictures, we can let more people know which pictures are in the system, which is convenient for reference in the article, and reduce the upload of duplicate pictures.

After uploading the picture, edit the picture page, refer the page category method and input category name and save it. Then you can see the picture when you visit the category page.

How to add links to a page in other languages?

After adding links to other languages in a page, other languages will appear in the sidebar of the page. Currently, it supports ten languages displayed in the sidebar. If you need more language, please let us know.

For details, please click Edit or View source on this page, refer to the link code in this part.

How to link to a category page?

please click Edit or View source on this page, refer to the link code in this part.

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More help

please visit MediaWiki Help or search MediaWiki usage.